As of 1 April 2017, Highly Skilled Migrants, students and scientific researchers are allowed to perform work as an entrepreneur without needing an additional work permit. Their current work permit will allow them to work as a self-employed person. In addition, scientific researchers will be free on the Dutch labour market, which means that they can also perform work in paid employment if they wish.

It is important to note that the Highly Skilled Migrants, students and researchers should still meet the requirements of their permit. For example, next to his entrepreneurial activities, the Highly Skilled Migrant should continue to meet the monthly salary threshold with his job as a Highly Skilled Migrant.

This new benefit for Highly Skilled migrants, students and scientific researchers aims to attract more talent to the Netherlands. The Dutch Immigration Services confirmed to us that Intra-Corporate Transferees do not benefit from this new rule: they are not allowed to perform work as a self-employed without an additional work permit.