Self-employed permit


Self-employed permit

There are two types of residence permits for self-employed persons: the start-up permit and the self-employed permit. The start-up permit requires partnering up with a facilitator. For companies that do not have a business plan yet and who are in the process of developing their idea into a business, the start-up permit may be a good option. For established companies who do not require the services of a facilitator, the self-employed permit may be a better fit.

Requirements for self-employed permit

To be eligible for the self-employed permit, you need to meet certain requirements. You should have sufficient means to support yourself, your business should serve an essential Dutch interest and depending on your profession additional requirements may apply.

The essential Dutch interest is assessed with a points-based system. This points-based assessment does not apply to Turkish nationals or to holders of an EU permanent residence permit for long-term residents. Turkish nationals will need to show that their company serves an essential Dutch interest. For American nationals and Japanese nationals more favourable assessments can take place on the basis of bilateral treaties.

If you are not an American, Japanese, Turkish or EU long-term resident, you will need to score sufficient points in the following categories: personal experience, business plan and added value for the Netherlands. You should score at least 30 points in each category, or at least 45 points in the first two categories. Work experience, a high education and previous experience with the Netherlands will score points in the first category, a good market analysis and solid finances will help to award points in the second category and in the third category you can score points with the creation of labour, with investments and high level of innovation.

Duration of residence permit

The residence permit will be valid for two years maximum and can be extended. The administrative charge for the self-employed permit is currently €1296,-.

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