Turkish Entrepreneurs


Turkish Entrepreneurs

Due to the Association Agreement between Turkey and the European Union, Turkish nationals enjoy certain rights and privileges.

If a Turkish national wishes to perform work as a self-employed person, the more rigorous point-based system does not apply. Instead, the entrepreneur must show that the company serves an essential Dutch interest. We advise Turkish nationals to provide the Immigration Services with a solid business plan, showing that the company is viable and does not interfere with the Dutch labor market. If you hand in a complete application, no MVV visa is required and you will be able to submit the application in the Netherlands.

If a Turkish national wishes to perform paid employment, no (recognized) sponsor is required. To obtain a Highly Skilled Migrant permit, the Turkish national therefore does not need to be employed by a company with recognized sponsorship status.

Due to a ‘standstill’ clause in the Association Agreement certain requirements do not apply, such as the requirement to pass the civic integration exam which is particularly interesting to those who want to apply for permanent residency. We assist Turkish nationals with their work- and residence permits and are happy to explore all options to provide you with the best possible solution to your immigration needs.

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