Japanese entrepreneurs


Japanese entrepreneurs

The Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between Japan and the Netherlands, allows Japanese entrepreneurs to set up their own business and make use of favourable regulations to work and reside in the Netherlands.

The treaty sets a low threshold for Japanese citizens to obtain legal residency in the Netherlands in order to work as a self-employed entrepreneur. The main requirements include having a company, most commonly in the form of a sole proprietorship, Dutch limited liability company (BV) or a partnership and a minimal capital investment of EUR 4.500 in a Dutch business bank. Self-employed permits are renewable and typically issued for a duration of two years. A business plan is not a required document for this application.

Partners and children can obtain residence permits as well.

We assist Japanese nationals with the complete process from start to permit. We recommend that you seek tax counsel before you set up a business and apply for residency in the Netherlands. We work in close collaboration with reliable tax partners as part of our full-fledged legal assistance.

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