Prolongation waiting period naturalization

Currently, migrants residing in the Netherlands can obtain Dutch citizenship if they have resided in the Netherlands for five years, provided that other requirements are met. The Dutch government has proposed a change to the Dutch Citizenship Act. If this proposal is accepted, the naturalization term will be changed from five years to seven years. Spouses of Dutch citizens will also no longer be able to apply for Dutch citizenship while residing abroad.

The bill has been passed by Dutch parliament, but the Dutch Senate has not approved it yet. On 17 January the Dutch Senate will discuss the proposal.

Dual nationality
Meanwhile, another change to Dutch citizenship law has been proposed by two members of the Dutch Parliament. The proposal entails that it will no longer be necessary for Dutch citizens to give up their nationality when they accept another nationality, and that it will no longer be necessary for migrants to give up their nationality when they obtain Dutch citizenship. As the parliament has not discussed this proposal yet, it is unclear whether this proposal will be accepted.

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