Every year, the salary thresholds for Highly Skilled Migrants (HSM) are indexed. The minimum gross monthly wages for 2017 are:bank-note-209104_640

  • € 4,324 for Highly Skilled Migrants 30 years and older
  • € 3,170 for Highly Skilled Migrants younger than 30 years
  • € 2,272 for Highly Skilled Migrants who have studied in the Netherlands at a qualifying higher education institution

These amounts are exclusive 8% holiday allowance.

Intra-Corporate transfers

The new salary thresholds are also relevant for the Intra-Corporate Transferee (ICT) permit, as the Highly Skilled Migrant salary thresholds are used as an indicator that the salary of the ICT applicant is in conformity with the market.

Highly Skilled Migrants who are already in possession of an HSM permit

Employees who are already in possession of an HSM permit do not need to receive a higher salary per 1 January 2017: the ‘old’ salary threshold still applies for as long as their residence permit is valid.

Extension of HSM permit

At the time of the extension of the Highly Skilled Migrant permit, the new salary thresholds should be applied. For example, if your employee (aged 31) has an HSM permit that is valid until February 2017 and you apply for an extension of this permit, the employee should earn at least € 4,324 per month.

Employees who become 30 years old during their employment

If your employee is already in possession of an HSM permit and he or she becomes 30 years old, the under-30 salary threshold will continue to apply. For example, if your employee (aged 29) becomes 30 years old and applies for an extension of his or her permit in 2017, he or she should earn at least  € 3,170 per month (2017 salary norm for employees younger than 30 years).

In sum, the 2017 salary thresholds apply to all employees who apply for a new HSM permit or an extension of their permit.

If you would like to receive more information on the Highly Skilled Migrant scheme, please contact our Corporate Immigration Team via: r.wolters@valegis.com and a.deruijter@valegis.com.